Thursday, 3 April 2014

Heroes and Villains V - Carlton Luna

Carlton Luna

"So who is Carlton Luna?"

They ask often enough. Everyone's heard the rumours about Old Spaceman. He got teased about the name as a kid.


Over and over. They say he decided even way back then. Some say he never went at all. Some say he never really came back and it was someone else. Truth is, old Carlton Luna told so many stories about being an astronaut, that they had him locked up.

You see, all the poking fun had unhinged him a little, and he started to tell everyone that would listen that he was the Man in the Moon. This all peaked right around '58, September or so, a couple of weeks before he was institutionalised. Eleven years before they got to the Moon and were finally able to prove all his stories were just a load of old baloney. Poor guy.

But who is Carlton Luna really? I mean, yeah, sure, he told a few stories. Yeah, he lied. It made him happy. He didn't hurt anybody. No violence, nothing like that. He never asked for money. He just liked telling stories. People took his stories for free, then once the entertainment urge was sated, they locked him away to rot. What a despicable thing to do to an old man.

How many others are there out there like him, I wonder? How many stars orbiting gracefully around a sun that less interesting people might call mania, thus showing a deficit in both vocabulary and capacity for compassion. Blessed is he who has an imagination. Or she. Either way, when did it become acceptable to ostracise people like Carlton Luna?

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