Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Heroes and Villains IV - The Unfinished Man

The Unfinished Man

Beneath the Hanging Cliffs, I met another supervillain. Widely regarded as a joke by more casual observers, who saw him as a lazy artist's excuse for slacking, the Unfinished Man was a much more serious prospect in the flesh. Or lack of it. Bits of him were just missing. Chunks of flesh simply were not there.

Mindsweeper: Why do so many see you as a joke?

Unfinished Man: They think it's an ironic nod to the public's poor attitude to artists. You know, all that arrogant "I could do that, anyone could", or "They're so lazy, why don't they get a real job?"

M: Yes, I know the type. So why are you so feared by everyone else?

UM: I created Hollowheart. I know the name doesn't strike terror into you, but I can assure you that he is one of the most sadistic killers this world has ever known. He was once the Golden Child, the boy with a heart of pure gold. Well, until I defied the Council of Superheroes. I cut him open and carved a pound of solid gold from his still beating heart before sealing it into a hollow shell. Before they exiled me, they had a pack of wild dogs tear at my flesh. Pound for a pound? No. They took more. It turns out that evil is much lighter than gold.

M: You seem to be confusing mass with volume.

UM: Have you ever known a supervillain to be perfect?

M: No.

UM: Then quit being such a smartass before I kill you.

M: Is that all?

UM: If you're after some sort of witty comment then you're going to

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