Saturday, 19 April 2014

Heroes and Villains VII - Obscura


To tell the truth, Obscura really didn't look much like a superhero, or a supervillain.

MINDSWEEPER: So, Obscura, what is it you actually do?

OBSCURA: I'm a master photographer.

M: A photographer?

O: Yes. That's what I said. The comics don't like me. They say this new photorealistic style of graphic is putting a lot of the old timers out of business.

M: And how do you respond to those allegations?

O: They ought to work harder, learn new skills. Not my damn fault they can't keep up. I have my own problems.

M: Such as?

O: Almost getting blown to pieces in warzones across the world. Where else do they send photographers these days?

M: Nothing else earns much money?

O: Nothing else sells, pretty much.

M: How do you cope?

O: I manage. Lucrative business, like you said.

M: Is there any truth to the suggestion that your eyes work differently to everyone else? Our images are projected onto our retinas upside down then converted, yours are right side up, so you can effectively see a few milliseconds quicker than everyone else giving you a better reaction time for taking pictures?

O: No. Complete fabrication from the comics companies. A lot of the more fantastic elements of heroic life are complete crap.

M: You resent that?

O: Not so long as the paychecks keep rolling in, but budgets have been tightened a little.

M: In your photographs, all the dead appear to be wearing black hoods. Is this the work of terrorists?

O: No.

M: Is it related to respect for the families of the dead?

O: No. I do it so I can sell the photos to our Government and to the terrorists.

M: That's… well…

O: Reprehensible? Immoral? Survival?

M: I… don't suppose you'd like to pose for a photograph?

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