Tuesday, 29 April 2014



Sometimes, questions just pop unbidden into your head, like, "What would happen if a bear had a fight with a rhino?"

Well, it'd be pretty fuckin' loud, that's for damn sure. Of course, the outcome is mainly determined by the agility of the bear. Does he get impaled by the charging beast, or does he stand his ground and tear it apart, ripping off chunks of flesh like so much candyfloss, blood spewing from the carcass like a drunk on a pavement. Plus, Bear vs. Rhino is a pretty cool name for a band.


This was written at a Bear vs. Rhino gig.

I'd kind of intended it to be a review, but wanted to enjoy the music, rather than trying to sit neatly pigeonholing it.

Bear Vs. Rhino. It's good noise rock. http://bearvsrhino.bandcamp.com/

Have a listen. They're nice guys too. They are not paying me to say this. They have threatened to let loose both a bear and a rhino though, so...

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