Thursday, 22 May 2014

Heroes and Villains - X - Gotharella

Heroes and Villains - X - Gotharella

Across the street I found the next superhero. Gotharella wore a veil, though it merely obscured her beauty rather than hiding it completely.

MINDSWEEPER: I hear you were in love with a superhero. What happened?

GOTHARELLA: I've… it… didn't… I… part of the power I have…

M: I don't understand.

G: I consume sadness. It's a difficult process, and sometimes it has brought me close to death.

M: How?

G: You understand how awful you feel when you're sad. Imagine for a second, that you have in your head the sadness of an entire city. A country. A continent.

M: I have no idea how much that would hurt.

G: Projecting it can kill.

M: And you were worried you'd turn into a killer?

G: No, it's not that, I was making him happy, and that was sapping both of our powers. It was better for us to be alone.

M: That's really sad.

G: That's my point.

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