Sunday, 25 May 2014

Heroes and Villains XII - Anchor

Heroes and Villains XII - Anchor

Following Inadequatron's less than spectacular system error, I decided it was time to speak to a human again. The humans have the most superheroes, and barely knowing where to start, I settled on Anchor.

Anchor is huge, at least by human standards. A mountain of a man, if you'll pardon such a clich├ęd expression, thought it is fairly accurate.

MINDSWEEPER: Hello, Mr. Anchor, sir.

ANCHOR: Hey dude, the Council of Superheroes told me you were coming. Why so formal?

M: Uh...

A: Relax… I'm not going to hurt you.

M: How did you discover your power?

A: It was weird, I joined a baseball team in my early teens. Figured it'd give me something to do. Only I was too good. Every ball knocked right out of the park. I wasn't big back then, so nobody had any idea where the extreme strength was coming from. Turns out I was hitting with a force roughly equivalent to the weight of the whole planet.

M: Wow, that's amazing! So what happened to all the trophies you won?

A: The government had me taken off the team as soon as they figured out what was going on. I was transported to a secure unit for testing. I've been here for four years now. They said it's not safe for me to be near people. They let me out when dangerous people get close. The one phrase I remember was "Jesus Christ, what if he gets into a bar fight?"

M: Well, you are incredibly powerful… 

A: Remember, I have to be touching the ground for my power to work…

M: So if you get lifted…

A: Or tripped…

M: No power?

A: Exactly. The other problem is acceleration.

M: What do you mean?

A: If I can't hit someone fast enough, it's not going to hurt.

M: And that's harder with the additional weight?

A: You'd think so, but the weight gives me greater control over gravity. I'm rooted more to the ground and can effectively reverse the flow to get better acceleration when punching.

M: That's pretty cool.

A: I thought so, until they controlled my diet. Essentially I'm the world's most powerful melee weapon.

M: Only effective at short range?

A: Got it in one.

M: So you have no real life?

A: The government won't admit any military use for me, but why else won't they let me have a normal life? That's all I want.

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