Sunday, 25 May 2014

Heroes and Villains XIII - Accurist

Heroes and Villains XIII - Accurist

I left Anchor feeling disappointed in humanity. Superheroes clearly not as uplifting as I'd bargained for. Hoping that there would be more positive examples, I traced my finger along the entries in the directory. Eureka! Accurist.

Seeking him out, I found a lot of people who barely remembered him. Not a good sign. Eventually one of them took pity on me and delivered me to his laboratory.


MINDSWEEPER: Are you the superhero Accurist?

A snort. Derisory laughter. Refusal to meet my gaze.

M: I've been authorised to speak to you.

ACCURIST: You got a time machine boy? That's the only way you can speak to him.

M: Your assistant told me…

A: There's a reason he's only an assistant, kid.

M: At least explain your superpower…

A: I got rebranded, kid. Measure Man. Awful name, but it describes waht I do. I can dose anything with absolute accuracy first time.

M: That's pretty specific.

MEASURE MAN: It was born out of a drive for functional superheroes in the mid-Seventies. It was deemed that the permissive Sixties had influenced the Council a little too much. I worked with local hospitals for a while, helping sick kids, working with addicts, until we got sued and my funding was cut.

M: Who would sue you for that?

MM: Copyright case from a tech company. Multiple cease and desist orders. I toyed with the idea of poison, but the Council vetoed it. Shame really, as I'd have got the dose perfect.

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