Monday, 26 May 2014

Heroes and Villains XIV - Cypher

Heroes and Villains XIV - Cypher

Cypher was another hero proving difficult to find. It seemed as though a few wished to deny her existence completely. I was shocked, as she was definitely on the heroes list I had. Nobody seemed willing to explain, and I didn't have permission to speak with the Council of Superheroes.

Eventually I tracked her down to an abandoned asylum. Her costume made her appear far more androgynous than the average depictions of female heroes I was used to.

CYPHER: Yeah, the comic book guys didn't try to pretend I'm a prostitute either.


C: You were wondering where my tits are. Under my clothes. Yes, I am a real psychic and this isn't just feminist rhetoric. What do you want?

M: You don't know already?

C: Reading minds is difficult, you have to wade through a lot of shit to get to what you want, but I do know you're not trying to get in my pants, which I guess is a nice change.

M: I interview superheroes. I was wondering why you've been crossed off the list.

C: I've been abandoned.

M: I don't understand.

C: OK. Beginnings, right. The name's Lou. Short for Louise, but nobody calls me that. Not for a long time. It was supposed to be funny. Lou Cypher. Idiots. The Council decided they were going to try to trick God. So they made me immortal, 'killed' me, and I got sent up to Heaven, only it went wrong.

M: Because, technically, you weren't dead?

C: Not exactly. When I got up there, I found out that God was gone.

M: What do you mean?

C: God just wasn't there. Turns out He'd just called in one day and said He wasn't coming in. Holiday, off sick, nobody knew. Of course, they couldn't let anyone else know that, could they?

M: They hypnotised you?

C: Drove me insane. Ruined my life. Destroyed my contract. COmics will sell if you're an immortal psychic. Demented atheist, not so much.

Until I spoke to her, she'd attempted suicide more times than she cared to count. Being immortal had its drawbacks, she told me.

C: It's nice to meet someone who cares, or at least pretends to. Make sure you tell them I'm getting better.

It was good to see she'd seemed to have rediscovered a purpose. Turns out some people just don't need gods.

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