Sunday, 8 June 2014

Murderwork II - Interlude - Interview

Interlude - Interview

Interview commences. Another bullshit four hours of not getting anywhere. Yeah right. Time to dispense with procedure. 

"When we're finished with you, you're going to be begging for death."

The tape had stopped running.

"Recognise that voice?"

No response.

"You said that to my daughter."

No response.

"Take the gag off and pass me a hammer. I want to hear this fucker beg for death..."

"You can't do this man... you're cops..."

Suspect already sweating.

"I want the names of ALL your men, and I want the evidence I need to bring them in. You're going to get it for me."

He swung the hammer down, just half an inch away from the suspect's thumb. There was a gasp of relief. Clearly his training had been inadequate. They hadn't been expecting to get caught. Poorly planned, poorly executed.

"You think you're not big enough for this, is that it?"

The suspect nodded. He was still blindfolded and didn't know where he was. 

"Please... please don't kill me..."

The cop laughed. Clearly he hadn't explained himself properly.

"No. Of course not. Not yet... fetch me the saw... let's cut the fucker's hand off!"

The gag was replaced, though the subject struggled in the chair.

 As the bread knife was dragged across his wrist lightly, the noises from the handkerchief stuffed into his mouth began to increase in volume. As it was dragged back with just enough pressure to break the skin and draw blood, the suspect was trying to scream.

 The knife was put down.

"Do you understand yet?"

The suspect reluctantly shook his head.

"I appreciate your honesty. You're mine now. You will deliver my property to me. I have the power to keep you alive for as long as necessary, so don't even think there's an easy way out of this..."

The suspect nodded. 

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