Thursday, 12 June 2014

Murderwork III - Interview Stage Two

Interview - Stage Two

His breath was harder than he wanted it to be, desperate to control his nerves. Hands shaking; at least he had a good grip on his memory. He couldn't forget what they needed. He didn't dare forget. Almost at the rendezvous point, just nearly enough. Able to relax for a moment.

Footsteps. A good sign. Electricity as the hairs on his arms rose. A gasp as the sack was dumped over his head and a rope tightened around his neck. They hadn't mentioned this part.


"Seventh circle of hell is reserved for traitors... welcome."

A baseball bat to the chest brought the suspect to the floor. 


"You're in it."

After a while he couldn't tell what was hitting him. Trying to distinguish between kicks and the baseball bat wasn't enough to keep his mind from the pain.

"You thought you'd sell us off?"

Definitely baseball bat. This was clearly not the correct rendezvous. As more kicks came, he desperately tried to retrace his steps. Wrong right turn? Was it supposed to be a left? No. The instructions... a kick... had been very clear. He was sure he was bleeding, probably from several places. 

Then nothing.

"I'm gonna gut you like a fucking fish, you..."

The shouting has muffled the sound of footsteps. There was the sound of a struggle. Somebody gasping for breath. A gunshot.

"Sorry I'm late..."

One down...

"I hope you now fully understand the gravity of the situation..."

The sack nodded. 

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