Saturday, 14 June 2014

Murderwork IV - Interview Stage Three

Interview - Stage Three
Hitting the brakes, he threw the cigarette out of the window, having smoked less than half. Careless to be so wasteful... "I'll get over it," he thought. Already several yards further on as he exited the car, he didn't bother to go back to put out the cigarette. It burned out quietly. He'd left the pack in the car. No need to buy any more, he was almost at the agreed meeting point. 

It was different this time. He was still nervous. Corpse locked in the boot of the car was reason enough. The lighter was also in the car. He'd been told it would feel like this. A low, empty feeling in his stomach began to consume his thoughts. All was enveloped in grey, dull monotone, and the earth felt like ash beneath his feet. The whisper came.

"Is everything ready?"

Nodding assent, he led the officer to the car. Driving away, the officer told him to keep the radio off.

"You recognise me yet?"

The voice had been familiar, but now the blindfold had been removed, the grey haze was lifting. 

"You... you're my doctor..."

The officer smiled.

"Yes, now drive to the agreed point."

A few reminders were necessary, as the instructions had been a little more complex this time.

"I trust you have the body..."


The agreed point turned out to be a cemetery.

"Perfect place to dispose of a body..."

He dragged the body from the car and passed the officer a shovel.

"I'm not here to reminisce, start digging."

"I'm impressed with your work. Very clean, very quick. Ruthless."

"You heard what I said. Dig."

It started to rain. A little too late to make the digging easier.

"You got one of the secrets..."

The suspect said nothing. They dumped the body.

"I switched some of your painkillers with what are essentially pain amplifiers..."

"I know, a control thing."

The officer began to shovel earth onto the body.

"You missed the other one..."

The officer looked up.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. I'm not a cop."

It stopped raining. 

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