Saturday, 21 June 2014

Murderwork V - Interview - Stage Four

Interview - Stage Four

Back in the car they were both silent for about ten minutes.

"Your next set of instructions will be delivered by post."

"What do you mean? They're dead. You got what you wanted."

"No... you're mine now. You kill for me."

"Get out of the fucking car."

The cop said nothing.

"Get out of the fucking car."

"You don't understand..."

"No. You don't understand. You can't come back with me."

Too risky. Too suspicious. Of course.

As he drove off, the grey haze descended. He reached down the side of the door, but the cigarettes were on the passenger's side. He lit one as he walked into the lounge. No lights, not even the television. Just a little firefly burning itself to death. As he smoked, the grey haze thickened and he began to feel very tired. This wasn't supposed to...


They were all there. The cop and the dead men. Together.

"Had a feeling we'd be seeing you again..."

Traitor. Aura of grey around them, the suspect shifted, uneasy.


A shiver, like a harbinger of voltage to come. He didn't need to reply. He couldn't speak, wondering if it was adrenaline or fear causing the shaking. A knife wasn't going to be enough this time. One on one he'd have a chance. No, he told himself... only one of these men is alive... this isn't a fair fight...

How do you kill a dead man?

"It's time..."

The suspect shifted again. Clearly there was no requirement to respond.

"You killed my daughter."

So this was what it was about. Grey disappeared.

"You never had a daughter."

"Yeah, because you killed her."

"No... there never was a daughter..."

The suspect didn't understand where the words were coming from. He'd been silent. The dead men had turned on the cop. A simple rule: never turn your back on your enemy. The knife flashed in the dark, and two slashes ripped the dead men's throats in half. Clean, quick, ruthless. 

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