Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Why Dogs Don't Have Offices

Why Dogs Don't Have Offices

Dogs follow sticks and cats don't. Simple enough. What if dogs had stuff to do though?

"Fetch, boy!"

"Oh, for fuck's sake, not again..."

He's pissed off, but already running. He's forgotten what he was supposed to be doing. Now the chase is all that matters, and bringing back what you threw away. How would a dog know if you genuinely just wanted to throw away the stick? It'd be a logistical nightmare. Too much paperwork for a start.


Back at the Dog's Office

Sometimes you'll say something and people consider it stupid or offensive, so you being to doubt yourself instead of building skill in conversation. Most of the time, all it really means is you're just talking to the wrong people and there's nothing at all wrong with you, but you've let their way of thinking sway you into thinking that you're no good. They most likely didn't even mean to give you that impression, but what's a dog to do when he's not sure what to retrieve and what to leave thrown away?

Either way, I now have an office full of sticks.

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