Sunday, 27 July 2014

Heroes and Villains Series 2 - I - Strategy

Even as he crossed the room, the fire in his eyes was evident. He stopped several times, as though ready to speak. Back towards Ellison, he stood in front of the drinks cabinet. Ellison stood at the back of the office. Never been nervous before, but this was different.

"Consider my position, Ellison. I am head of Missing Powers. You are my head of security. We have a security threat on the loose. I am beginning to question my choice of a human as head of security."

As he spun to look at Ellison, his face began to change. Ellison had heard of the ability, but never seen it before.

"I was given to believe that you are a psychopath, Ellison. Cold blooded, and now I smell fear on you. Am I to believe you are not capable?"

Manifest. Ellison's new employer. Having only dealt with humans in his previous job, he'd had a little difficulty adjusting to the change of pace.

"With respect, sir, the security threat is the greatest living weapon we know. To catch him is going to require a strategy that is, perhaps, a little more… considered, than my previous endeavours. I can't just bundle him into a soundproofed room and torture him like I did with the drug runner."

"Understood, Ellison. You have been given a full account of his strengths and weaknesses, correct? He does not know who you are. A false identity may hide your immediate threat to him, and prevent him from doing anything that would have an… unfortunate outcome."

"There is something else, sir."

Manifest merely raised an eyebrow.

"There's another one missing. Thing has escaped."

"Please be more specific."

"Thing. It's called Thing."

"The monster agony aunt? Is this some kind of joke?"

"He's a quantum being, sir, we have no idea what he's capable of."

Two to hunt. Manifest opened the drinks cabinet.

"Ellison, would you like a glass of brandy? I really don't much care for the stuff any more, but I do need to get rid of it…"

"Only if I have your word that I have protection from prosecution here."

"You have my word, Ellison, the conditions of employment will remain similar to those of your previous position."`

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