Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Heroes and Villains Series 2 - II - Manifesto

Tape recorder activated.

"This is kind of a manifesto. Everyone like me has one. Well, shit, pretty much everyone has one, they're just normally too lazy to bother putting it into words properly. Now. Superheroes. They make life difficult for everyone. Seems pretty counter-intuitive. Superheroes keep the crime rates down. Yeah. Great. Superheroes save lives. Great. Superheroes are responsible for keeping the population too high. Superheroes are responsible for cops losing work, and turning to alternate methods to keep food on the table. Granted, I don't like bent cops myself, but a man has to eat. If I take out enough of them, I guess eventually I'll go out of business myself, but hey, let's not discount the strength of a power vacuum. People love power. With power comes money. There's a hell of a lot of people who don't give a fuck about risk, given the right incentive. It's why people lose money in casinos. Too tempted by the lure of free money. It's fucking easy to bribe people. You get a lot of people telling you they don't have a price. Bullshit. They're just jockeying for a better offer, that's all, and don't you believe any different."

Nodding, he stopped the tape. Pocketing it, he thought about when it would be most appropriate for a press release. After the first kill seemed a little too early. No. There needs to be an established pattern. Nothing too simple. Can't get caught straight away. The message wouldn't carry enough weight. They had to be high profile targets, which made things more difficult of course. Photographic evidence too, though as long as he remained obscure, the photographs could be sold to the relevant newspapers. Appeal to the prurient interest of the public. They love a good gory tale. Something to bring a little excitement into their lives. A glimpse into a world they're far too chickenshit to investigate themselves. Mask on, he loaded his rifle and prepared for the show.

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