Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Heroes and Villains Series 2 - VI - Epilogue

"Ellison, pick up that Polaroid. We can use it as his mugshot."

Shrugging his shoulders, the detective pocketed the picture.

"You're going to arrest him?"

I was unsure if they'd forgotten I was there.

"Kid, he's not going to prison yet. He's got to go to trial."

"What for? You said you had a confession."

"Only of intent. The trauma wound on Average Man wasn't consistent with an impact of sufficient force to have come from a direct hit from Anchor's fist, though the size and shape of the wound was roughly correct. Early this morning we found the body of the champion of the Hammer people with one arm missing. It's the only thing that could have reasonably been used in an attempt to frame Anchor. The death of Average Man is not common knowledge, so how could Obscura have known unless he was there?"

"So what happens to him now?"

"When he regains consciousness, and after Ellison has finished with him, we proceed to stage two of our investigation."

"Stage two?"

"Missing Powers turn him over to the relevant authority for Trial by Hammers."

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