Sunday, 7 September 2014

Heroes and Villains Series 3 - An Ending And A Beginning

"What a mess. We should have been more thorough."

They picked their way through the mass of bodies.

"No, Ellison. You should have been more thorough. What on Earth do you think I'm paying you for?"

All of the staff were dead too.

"He was here, and he caused no harm. We assessed the intent of the suspect."

"People can lie, Ellison, surely you of all people know that…"

"I know he didn't do it."

A steely eye. Changing faces again. It always freaked him out. Dealing with a human chameleon was never simple.

"Who writes his column, Manifest?"

"How is that relevant?"

"Just answer the damn question."

A flicker in the eye. A slight colour change.

"He has an editor who transcribes everything."

"You know why? He's a quantum being. He can't hold things. His fingers pass right through solid matter."


"Look a little closer, Manifest. He may have been able to start a fire, or disrupt the electronic systems somehow, but to wield a sword with such precision? I mean, this wasn't an accident. It was a massacre."

Manifest stopped, suddenly, as though visited by a shadow of a past life. Stooping to examine one of the children's faces, his breath stopped for a moment.

"Oh shit. It's him."

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