Monday, 13 October 2014

Heroes and Villains S3 - IV - Control

"Got a lock yet?"

No movement. He didn't say anything. She probed his thoughts for a reply.

"Come on Cypher, get out, I'm trying to concentrate, we're close. This is a lot harder than when I was a fighter pilot, and that was no picnic. "

A low rumble in the distance. Somewhere to the southwest.

"Got him. He's heading this way. Hide. He has someone with him. A woman, I've never seen her before. He's hurt, I can tell from the way he's moving. Slower than expected. 300 yards. We need to be quick."


"You honestly think you can give up your powers? You're far too weak for that."

He was close to dropping her.

"Shut up or I'll break your neck."

She could feel his grip loosening, his words tumbling to the floor, lying among the leaves. They'd be here soon, to rescue her, and to put an end to this childish tantrum. She told him so as he struggled to maintain a tight hold around her arms.

"Let her go. Now. Back up, fuckface."

Anchor dropped Ms. Cartwright to the floor, accelerating her gravity so she landed harder than expected. She hadn't noticed his smile.

"I'm talking to you, whore. Get out of his head or I'll open you up so wide whoever finds you will swear we murdered twins."

Wiping leaves and hair from her face, Bex Cartwright looked up to see Cypher standing over her alongside a man who was pointing a gun at her leaf covered torso.

"Any refusal to co-operate will result in a slow, painful death. Superpowers can keep you alive for a very long time, but you already knew that. Oh, before I forget, you can't escape. Ever. This here is my friend FM, and he now has a lock on your personal frequency. We can track you absolutely anywhere. Any breach of protocol from now on and your death sentence begins. FM, tie her upside down to one of these trees. See if they find her in time. Maybe she'll be lucky..."

Cypher walked over to Anchor and hugged him.

"Don't hold me tight, just hold me up..."

Out of earshot, they discussed the fate of the agent.

"They won't find her alive. I left a psychosomatic command to send a psychic message to all the snipers. Before her body shuts down, she'll broadcast a message telling the snipers they're all dead. All their bodily functions will shut down, and she'll be considered a traitor to her government."

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