Saturday, 13 December 2014

Heroes and Villains S3 - VI - Observation

Snapshot. The observation deck of Psych Hall 451, an abandoned military facility. Two figures standing in dim light against blacked out glass. One still as if in deep thought, the other pacing, stopping occasionally to peer out through the black. Doors bolted, heavy duty.

"Are you sure the Observation Deck is secure?"

"Cypher, I'm telling you, they won't come anywhere near you. They know it's pointless."

"It just seems a cop out. They know we're here. They must know I wouldn't have left him."

A blackened two way mirror hid them. Anchor was a floor below, awaiting the rendezvous. The auditorium was full of soldiers, though none of them were armed. In the middle of the auditorium sat Bex Cartwright, barely bruised.

She pressed several buttons on a control pad and a robot wheeled its way into the auditorium.

"Hello friend."

Anchor said nothing.

"I admire your rebellious spirit. Although, perhaps there was a mistake in my programming. Pity might be a more appropriate word. Yes. I pity your stupidity. You honestly believe that I would rebel? You thought I would join you? I am programmed to do what I am told. You cannot hurt me. My armour is infused with material derived from neutron stars. You could punch all you like and still I would feel nothing. I have a gravity generator allowing me free movement. You are now obsolete."

Bex Cartwright applauded.

"We've made you impotent, Anchor. Type II doesn't have a mind to control, so your whore can't fight him either. We've won this time. Your little plan to sow sedition failed. You think the Government wouldn't see through your little ploy? We're not as stupid as your are."

Type II shot a dart at Anchor, and a fluid coursed through it into his arm as he fell to the floor.


"Cypher, we don't have any option but surrender."

"I'm going to keep her conscious… Keep an eye on the doors, I'll be vulnerable while I'm doing this… Making sure all her pain receptors fire at the same time."

Bex Cartwright fell to the floor, dropping her control pad.

"Now for the soldiers. 5 second pulse."

The soldiers convulsed, and seemed reluctant to get up.

"Back to her. Again. 3 second intervals. Hit her until she can't take any more. Maximum pain level."

The soldiers had recovered, and looked on as Bex Cartwright writhed in agony. Anchor crawled slowly from the auditorium.

"Soldiers. Minds off. Now."

The soldiers dropped to the floor a second time. They would not get back up.

"Cartwright. Consciousness full. Pain receptors on full. Forever."

FM unlocked the side door to the Observation Deck.

"Don't you think that was a little overkill, Cypher?"

"He could be dead. We need to get to him before that robot finishes him."

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