Sunday, 14 December 2014

Heroes and Villains S3 - VII - Diversion

"Where are you going, human? Running to your friends? The overdose I have you will leave you dead in minutes, even if they could save you, you're out of time."

Anchor pulled himself up against the wall. Stumbling sideways, a hand on the wall steadied him as he managed to stand.

"Fuck you."

The words fell like spittle before the robot. Anchor took a small step away from the wall, and remained upright. He continued walking away from Type II, who trundled along beside him.

"How far will you get before you drop?"

"Type II, let me ask you a question. Was it Bex Cartwright who programmed you?"

The robot stopped moving, and Anchor turned to face it.

"She didn't know about our secret weapon. She screwed up. RF transmission. Radio frequency, right? Given the right signal, a transmission can be intercepted. If you time it right, it can be changed completely. You gave me an overdose of power, because we tricked you into thinking that's what I wanted the least in the world. Shame it's not fatal, just takes a little getting used to. You should've gone for what they did to Cartwright. Neural shutdown after a pain overdose. Now... while I'm not the smartest guy in the world, I got what you said about neutron stars. Super dense material that I can't impact in any meaningful way. Well, at least, not if I'm trying to hurt you..."

Cypher and FM arrived in time to see Type II get launched into orbit.

"Cypher... hold me."

"Hold you up?"

"No. Hold me tight... don't let go. We've got a war to fight. They're rebuilding the Unfinished Man."

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