Sunday, 1 February 2015

Heroes and Villains S3 - XI - Through the Darkness

One minute of silence. Gabriel stood and stared at Mindsweeper.

"Come on kid, let's get ready for the end of the world."

A short drive through the darkness led them to the docks outside the Deadlands. As they arrived, a shadowy figure descended to an adjacent platform. Hovering down, the shape assumed human form. Straining his eyes, Mindsweeper recognised the face. Ironfang.

"It's over, Gabriel. They're coming. You've weakened the soldiers, I'll give you that. You even came close to weakening me. But there's something you've failed to understand. We're bringing him back, yes, but not in the way you think..."

The fangs weren't extended.

"You can't even use my name, can you? You can't call me Plaguebearer, and you think I haven't weakened you?"

Ironfang closed his eyes and waited. Sound of boots upon the loading platforms. A flash of fangs as the backup arrived. Not all of the troops had been weakened.

"You can see, your powers have been grossly overestimated… Plaguebearer…"

Ironfang raised a hand, stopping the advancing horde. His fangs extended now, he removed one, the famed Iron Fang.

"You see, darling, the Iron Fang works like a syringe, taking blood for later use. Your poison should be sufficient to infect the water supply here. As it passes into regular circulation, the population of the world will begin to be brought to its knees, and you will be vilified as the most disgusting supervillain to walk this planet."

As Ironfang dropped the open fang into the water, a red dot appeared on his chest.

"Hahaha you think a sniper can get rid of me? The damage is done! We are the Unfinished Man! We are more than human!"

The red dot began to increase in size.

"So are we, fuckface."

FM appeared behind Mindsweeper, gun in hand.

"Tuned to the vibrational frequency of your heart. Hollowpoint shell filled with dimethylmercury, courtesy of good old Plaguebearer here. If the potency of the poison isn't enough, the shards of metal will have ripped your heart into pieces."

Ironfang crashed to the ground as FM spoke into his radio.

"Get all water supplies quarantined. Get the Poisons Unit ready to work on an antidote to Plaguebearer's blood. They should have something in stock, but we're going to need it scaled up. Over."

"Thank you. Tell Cypher I still miss her. Give my best wishes to the kid. Mindsweeper here's going to drive me to the hospital. I know this is going to hurt. You got the airstrike ready?"

FM nodded.

"Close your eyes, kid. Going to get real bright. Who knows? Maybe we've even got a future..."

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Heroes and Villains S3 - X - Plague Victim

"It's all bullshit man. Forget everything you saw. Just go home."

"Come on Gabriel, there has to be more to it all that this..."

Mindsweeper immediately regretted his choice of words.

"You're not a superhero, so I'm not going to punish you for that, but just know how disappointed you should be. You're a fucking journalist. Do the digging. Don't just beg me. Shit, man, you've seen the depths I sink to. You want to know why I do it. What is it, you get off on all this? You think people have a right to know? Well you know what, fuck it, and fuck you too.

I'm dying. Sorry to burst your little fucking bubble kid. Sorry I don't care for your lack of social finesse. I'm not fucking invincible like you thought I was.

I used to be Cypher's partner. This was a long time ago. They found out she was a superhero and told us we had to split. She did a deal with them. She'd only allow them to take her away if they made me a superhero too. So they lied to her. I got taken to a medical facility, ex military, and they injected me with all kinds of stuff. Told her they were making me a living weapon, the likes of which had never been seen. Plaguebearer. She liked the name. They said I was too toxic for her to be anywhere near me. It drove her crazy. I mean, you don't seriously believe any of that heaven shit, do you? She went crazy because they split us up. She's created all that stuff to  protect herself from pain.

I remember when I used to visit her. Every time I had to leave for work the next day, she begged me to stay. I always felt like an asshole for leaving. I wanted to stay. Being with her was much better than heading home alone, being cold all night, then hauling ass to a job that gave me zero satisfaction. All I could think about was being back with her, trying not to think about how bad I was fucking everything up. All I wanted was to be by her side.

Then suddenly it was all gone, and I had needles all over me. I was told I was now immune to all forms of disease. Thing is, it's not strictly true. My resistance to disease is superhuman, yes, but I'm not invincible.

So you can judge me all you want, me going to pick up these vampires, get them all hot and bothered, grab their fucking dicks while they plunge their fangs into my neck, give them a good squeeze when I think they're done. Lowering myself for these fucking beasts. I was in love, or at least I thought I was, and now I'm stuck with this bullshit. All just to weaken them. I've gone from hero to parasite. Now are you going to fuck off and leave me alone?"

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Heroes & Villains S3 - IX - Ironfang

It took a moment for me to adjust as we walked in. Lack of light was difficult, and I almost fell, but Gabriel's hand steadied me. He whispered for me to watch my step. I strained, and noticed all the drinks were red. Seemed a little odd for a bar, but I wasn't here to comment, just to see, and remember. I didn't notice any women, although I was careful to avoid direct eye contact with anyone. I'd heard rumours about these places before, but nothing was spoken of it in DeadWorld. Still, here we were, in a vampire gay bar.

It wasn't as tawdry as I was expecting, but then prejudices are bullshit, right? Gabriel must have been exaggerating. We'd stopped by the main stairs in the club, the entry cordoned off. VIP area, I'd imagine. Someone bounded down the stairs, and launched himself into Gabriel's arms.


I watched Gabriel fail to react.

"Get me Ironfang, then fuck off."

The young vamp knew better than to refuse.

Ironfang arrived, moments later.

"Gabriel. How good of you to respond to my request. Who's the boy?"

"Now, now, Viktor… the boy is mine. He stays with me at all times. You could say… he's in training. Rather a lot to learn."

"Oh. You do know it's extra if he wants to watch, right?"

"Come on, Viktor, you've already got my money. Are you going to let us in or not?"