Thursday, 15 January 2015

Heroes & Villains S3 - IX - Ironfang

It took a moment for me to adjust as we walked in. Lack of light was difficult, and I almost fell, but Gabriel's hand steadied me. He whispered for me to watch my step. I strained, and noticed all the drinks were red. Seemed a little odd for a bar, but I wasn't here to comment, just to see, and remember. I didn't notice any women, although I was careful to avoid direct eye contact with anyone. I'd heard rumours about these places before, but nothing was spoken of it in DeadWorld. Still, here we were, in a vampire gay bar.

It wasn't as tawdry as I was expecting, but then prejudices are bullshit, right? Gabriel must have been exaggerating. We'd stopped by the main stairs in the club, the entry cordoned off. VIP area, I'd imagine. Someone bounded down the stairs, and launched himself into Gabriel's arms.


I watched Gabriel fail to react.

"Get me Ironfang, then fuck off."

The young vamp knew better than to refuse.

Ironfang arrived, moments later.

"Gabriel. How good of you to respond to my request. Who's the boy?"

"Now, now, Viktor… the boy is mine. He stays with me at all times. You could say… he's in training. Rather a lot to learn."

"Oh. You do know it's extra if he wants to watch, right?"

"Come on, Viktor, you've already got my money. Are you going to let us in or not?"

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