Sunday, 1 February 2015

Heroes and Villains S3 - XI - Through the Darkness

One minute of silence. Gabriel stood and stared at Mindsweeper.

"Come on kid, let's get ready for the end of the world."

A short drive through the darkness led them to the docks outside the Deadlands. As they arrived, a shadowy figure descended to an adjacent platform. Hovering down, the shape assumed human form. Straining his eyes, Mindsweeper recognised the face. Ironfang.

"It's over, Gabriel. They're coming. You've weakened the soldiers, I'll give you that. You even came close to weakening me. But there's something you've failed to understand. We're bringing him back, yes, but not in the way you think..."

The fangs weren't extended.

"You can't even use my name, can you? You can't call me Plaguebearer, and you think I haven't weakened you?"

Ironfang closed his eyes and waited. Sound of boots upon the loading platforms. A flash of fangs as the backup arrived. Not all of the troops had been weakened.

"You can see, your powers have been grossly overestimated… Plaguebearer…"

Ironfang raised a hand, stopping the advancing horde. His fangs extended now, he removed one, the famed Iron Fang.

"You see, darling, the Iron Fang works like a syringe, taking blood for later use. Your poison should be sufficient to infect the water supply here. As it passes into regular circulation, the population of the world will begin to be brought to its knees, and you will be vilified as the most disgusting supervillain to walk this planet."

As Ironfang dropped the open fang into the water, a red dot appeared on his chest.

"Hahaha you think a sniper can get rid of me? The damage is done! We are the Unfinished Man! We are more than human!"

The red dot began to increase in size.

"So are we, fuckface."

FM appeared behind Mindsweeper, gun in hand.

"Tuned to the vibrational frequency of your heart. Hollowpoint shell filled with dimethylmercury, courtesy of good old Plaguebearer here. If the potency of the poison isn't enough, the shards of metal will have ripped your heart into pieces."

Ironfang crashed to the ground as FM spoke into his radio.

"Get all water supplies quarantined. Get the Poisons Unit ready to work on an antidote to Plaguebearer's blood. They should have something in stock, but we're going to need it scaled up. Over."

"Thank you. Tell Cypher I still miss her. Give my best wishes to the kid. Mindsweeper here's going to drive me to the hospital. I know this is going to hurt. You got the airstrike ready?"

FM nodded.

"Close your eyes, kid. Going to get real bright. Who knows? Maybe we've even got a future..."

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