Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Chrono, Mirrored Lips, Joe Booley

Monday 28th May - Suburbs at The Holroyd, Guildford


Heavy psych that likes to tease. Fairly new band, one to watch, I feel they're in training to deliver the gut punch you're expecting from them. Heard from the guitarist they don't have a band name and it was a kind of improv jam. Enjoyable stuff either way. Shame I can't give you more information really.


First gig. Post rock, ethereal floaty, then they start the fucking engine and lift you into space. A knuckleduster inside a velvet glove. Apologies for all the references to punching, on the Stella tonight rather than gin. They have some sparkly moments and are clearly having fun, even if one of their guitarists is shit at armwrestling.

Mirrored Lips

All female Russian 3-piece fresh off the back of playing Raw Power Festival. Hi. We're Loud. No bassist. Machinegun vocals. A presence not to be fucked with. Not even finished my second beer before realising I'm a twat who's reviewed the soundcheck.

Wiry postpunk guitar. This is a walk through a desolate wasteland. Perhaps your own desolate wasteland. Come Ozymandias, gaze upon your failures as that rhythm tightens round your neck. This is music to march to. To Wardance.

Joe Booley

A lone guitarist. Don't worry. This isn't your garden variety jingly-jangly prick. No house party Wonderwall cunt. No Ed Sheeran wannabe. I mean fair play to Ed taking on ticket touts but "push and pull like a magnet do"? PROPER GRAMMAR YOU WANKER!

Right. Bit of fire in the belly and some distortion. Yes. And it's not a fucking acoustic thank Christ. You're put more in mind of acts like Hum, and Frank Turner. Joe is neither of these, nor the others mentioned. You know though, that he gives a shit, and that counts for something more than just a butter advert.

He'd probably have preferred me talking about the technical aspects of his performance, whether his use of reverb was adequate, or if his build up of tension was enough, but I'm shitrockjournalist. Why on earth would I bother with any of that?

Cheers Joe!

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