Sunday, 7 October 2018

Beat:Cancer 05 oct 18 

Laurie Black

Goth cabaret. Imagine a cabaret but darker, funnier, and with better tunes. Halfway there. Performing tracks from her new show "Space Cadette", neatly dispelling any myths of goths as po-faced, this is sci-fi joy at its finest, and a great big fuck you to the lack of women in STEM. They've always been there, you just weren't paying them enough attention. This is a show you have to see. We need to help Laurie Black get to the Moon.

Her Despair

Goth rock with synths. Oh yes. This will do very nicely. A can of worms has been opened and poured into my ears. Which is much better than the horrible mental image I have just given you. Wait a minute, I'm smiling. This isn't how being a goth works. The name tricked me! 


2 piece, with some atmospheric synths before some serious beats kick in. Dance fuel for the disposessed. Sounds much later than it is, and twice as fun. A backdrop with images of Space Invaders is the perfect image for this. Show me your moves and go for the high score!


Well this has a harder edge to it, prepping us for the DJ sets to come, and you notice it on the dance floor. Dual vocals, and a definite sense of euphoria shot through the industrial beats and riffs. The future might be a dystopia but we'll enjoy the world crumbling around us while we can. I for one welcome our robot overlords. 

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