Monday, 5 November 2018

Attrition, Riotmiloo, BeinE Gig 03 nov 18 Elektrowerkz 


BeinE are a very dark experience. Harsh synth washes conjure flickering images of serial killer static. A repeated sample "What have you done?" flashes horror in the mind's eye, backed by both the creepy projected images and Tiff's sparse haunting lyrics. "Your words a knife in my heart". This is the kind of industrial that ruins your dreams. You are running down a hallway stalked by your own memories, while your emotions wrap like rope around your legs. BeinE are the sound of you falling and trying to crawl away as the flames rise in your mind, and the bricks of your crumbling body fall to the floor. 

I am left wondering how two genuinely lovely people can make such harrowing, traumatic music.


A hard beat and some synth swells. An entirely different proposition. Background visuals documenting the suffering of women through history in line with recent recording 'Riotmiloo and Friends: La Pierre Soudée".

Perhaps it is a Catholic upbringing that makes me unwilling to dance to this and revel in something so deeply based in pain, but this IS music you can dance to, though I do want everything to be louder, maybe Atari Teenage Riot volume to really bulldoze everything but then imposing macho bullshit on this kind of misses the point. 

Harrowing and terrifying in an altogether different manner. This is a terror from outside rather than your own mind calling for your destruction.

Disclaimer: volume issue got resolved quickly.

Spoiler: I did get moving

Also, just fucking listen to it.


Attrition have been around a long time and I was late to the party. I'm disappointed it took me so long to be honest but nobody gives a fuck about that. We're not here for my wallowing. 

Pulsing bassline, gravel  male vocal, and burning incense duelling with the smoke machine. A high female vocal as contrast, all backed by a frantic beat that sounds like a goth's heart on speed. This is not what you might expect when someone says "Let's go see a goth act that's been going almost 40 years". 

This is definitely dancefloor fuel however, and you quickly recognise the correlation between experience and competence strongly realised here. 

I feel like this is the goth equivalent of an 80s rave. Which is something I missed out on when it happened the first time, so may Attrition be forever blessed for taking me back. 

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