Saturday, 26 October 2019

Cheap Meals - An Inconvenient Truth

A lot of people look for dietary advice these days. A lot of it is garbage, and I'll not pretend I have the magic solution. What I do understand though, are some of the tricks that people use to lie to you.

One of the biggest ones relates to pricing.

I recently saw an article in a newspaper supplement, mentioning Miguel Barclay's "One Pound Meals".

Nothing against Miguel Barclay, I think what he's doing/done is fantastic. Trying to get people to be able to cook well on a budget is a laudable effort. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

The meals, you see, don't actually cost a pound or less.

An individual serving costs a pound or so.

For instance, a similar recipe seen on the Asda Good Living website, gives a chicken recipe at £1.06 per serving. "AMAZING" you think, "I can feed myself for just over a quid!", and it's not yet payday, and you scrape together what's in your wallet, thinking you'll hoof it into town to save on the bus fare. You're pretty jazzed up, thinking how you're going to save money, and eat well. You pop all the ingredients into the basket, get to the till, and are faced with a bill for £7.68.

You've not even got a fiver in your wallet. You feel shamed, and slink back through the aisles, putting stuff back. You nip past McDonald's on the way home for a 99p cheeseburger and feel the gaze of all the sneering know-it-alls who can afford to get over the entry barrier into a much more smug lifestyle than your own. By all means, help us organise, help us acquire skills in both the kitchen and in budget planning, but for goodness' sake, stop lying to us while you do it.

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