Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Carnivorous Lunar Activities - Chestburster

Shitrockjournalist reviews Carnivorous Lunar Activities - Chestburster 

 Raging away in the deep depths of Essex for the best part of a decade, Chestburster play thrash/grindcore. It is fast, has a decent groove, and plenty of horror movie samples. Fans of Mortician are in for a thrill ride here with their latest release. 

Opening with "Death Race 2000", with samples from the movie of the same name, the tone is established quickly, and I mean it when I say quickly... Buzzsaw guitars remind you of good old Swedish death metal, and scenes from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Nice one, Lewis! 

Rob's vocals (and I assume Lewis and Chris with the gang vocals) veer between 80s hardcore and 90s death metal, just about intelligible enough to catch most of the movie references the song titles point you toward. 

Chris batters the skins like he's trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and he's wielding the lawnmower from the final scenes of Braindead. Less of a death metal swamp, and more a deathride on a rusty rollercoaster seen at the start of a bad 80's slasher flick, you can't help but love Chestburster. 

There's a real knowing tongue-in-cheek charm to all this, but not in that snide "yeah I'm all about the irony" hipster prick way. Spend any longer than 5 seconds chatting to Rob, Chris and Lewis, you'll know they love horror movies. You can imagine for a moment what Cro-Mags might have sounded like if they'd picked up Cannibal Holocaust 2 from Blockbuster Video instead of a copy of the Bhagavad Gita. 

 Longest track? 2:11. "Dracula AD 1972" It is over in the flash of a blade as the killer smiles as the camera. Shortest track? 7 seconds. Better get your running shoes on kid, Freddy's coming, and he's sharpened those gloves. I think my ears might be bleeding...

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